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Decade Synchro/Resolver Standard


  • Angular Range 0° to 360°
  • Accuracy 2 arc seconds
  • Direct readout in degrees
  • No warm-up time
  • Switches good for 100,000 turns
  • Inputs and outputs are isolated
  • NSN: 4920-00-181-2422


TEGAM's Decade Synchro/Resolver Standard combines the functions of a decade synchro standard and a decade resolver standard into a single unit. A front panel switch changes the unit from one mode to another. In system tests, the standard may be used to introduce accurately known inputs for testing auto pilots, aircraft indicators, etc. This technique can also be used to check the response of a servo loop. In component tests, the standard may be used to transmit precise angular data to the test component. As a synchro standard, the unit may be used to test CDX's, CT's, TDX's, TDR's and TR's. As a resolver standard, the unit may be used to test RD's and RC's.