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At TEGAM, your measurement is as important to us as it is to you. Since 1979, we have explored methods and technology to improve the science of measurement so you can do your job more effectively. Our team has extensive experience in designing and producing high-quality electronic and digital instruments. We take great pleasure in extending their capabilities and finding new ways to solve our customer’s problems. Collectively, we have traveled many paths, and this is reflected in our product diversity. We offer the lowest uncertainty in RF and microwave power calibration, the fastest micro-ohmmeters available, precision bond meters and bond meter probes, and handheld digital thermometers designed to survive harsh conditions for many functions – just to indicate a few of our skills. We know your measurement matters; otherwise you wouldn’t be making it. You deserve to get the best answer possible, and we help make that possible with world-class engineering, innovation and customer care.

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  • How to Measure the Temperature of Flowing Liquids in a Closed Process Using a Temperature Probe

    Accurately measuring the temperature of a viscous liquid can present its own set of unique challenges, but what if the liquid is flowing? Thermowells A thermowell is a device that allows you to measure the temperature of moving fluid without having to shut down the entire process to insert or…

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  • The Versatility of a Digital Thermocouple Thermometer!

    A digital thermometer that takes a thermocouple input is one of the most versatile measurement instruments you can have in your company.  Portable, high-accuracy models are readily available with resolution down to 0.1 degree. What makes these temperature measuring instruments so versatile is that one digital thermocouple thermometer can be…

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  • How to Use Digital Thermometers: Digital Thermometers Equal Great Beer!

    Ed note: From time to time, TEGAM writes about how our digital measuring instruments are of-service in "civilian," non-industry applications. This post looks at one of those uses. Have you noticed that home brewing, small breweries and brew pubs are springing up everywhere? The business of brewing beer has grown…

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