Monthly Archives: December 2012

TEGAM Model R1L-E2A Ground Bond Meter & Milli-Ohmmeter Is Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically safe testers can be used in potentially explosive work areas and will not ignite hazardous materials such as aviation fuel and natural gas. The TEGAM Model R1L-E2A Ground Bond Meter & Milli-Ohmmeter is unique in that it not only provides accurate low-resistance measurements, but is also intrinsically safe. This makes the TEGAM Model R1L-E2A…
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Microwave Power Measurement Fundamentals and Practice Workshop

LINTHICUM HTS. OR POTOMAC, MD You are invited to share a day of learning with TEGAM’s expert engineer Charlie Sperraza. This one day invitation only event will focus on expanding your knowledge base regarding: RF power transfer between two coupled ports. Using reflection coefficients to calculate power transfer and port match. The importance of vector…
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