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When Quality Needs Clean Temperature Data

Can a Thermometer and a Software Development Kit Enable Integrated Quality Measurement and Real-Time Alerts? When Quality Needs Clean Temperature Data (Excerpts from the whitepaper found here in its entirety) Introduction: Integrating an automated temperature measurement solution into a processing facility and/or supply chain is required or at least optimal in multiple industries. In some…
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TEGAM, Inc Announces the 931 / 932B Datalogging Thermometers

TEGAM, Inc Announces the 931/932B Datalogging Thermometers ***NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT*** GENEVA, Ohio--(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)--TEGAM, Inc., a world-wide leader in precision digital thermometers, announces the next generation in Handheld Thermometry: the 931/932B Data Logging, Industrial, Digital Thermometers. For over 30 years, TEGAM’s team of engineers at the Northeast Ohio factory have consistently worked to improve the…
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CONTACT or INFRARED Temperature Measurement?

What is Best for Your Application? [caption id="attachment_6312" align="alignright" width="120"] Contact vs. Non-Contact Thermometers Infographic[/caption] CONTACT or INFRARED? Each method has its own set strengths and weaknesses. Contact Measurement is usually used to measure surface, interior or immersion temperatures. Touching, being inserted into or submerged in usually will give you the most reliable readings. You…
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