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TEGAM Enhances 930 Series Digital Thermometers for Food Industry Temperature Monitoring

TEGAM Enhances 930 Series Thermometers with New Firmware and Bluetooth® Communications to Aid Food Safety Compliance   FOOD SAFETY TEMPERATURE MONITORING: TEGAM - global manufacturer of  test, measurement and calibration instruments for science and industry - has added special firmware to its 930 Series wireless data thermometers to help food industry companies comply with food…
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What is a Thermocouple?

What is a Thermocouple? What exactly is a thermocouple? It is two wires of dissimilar metals that produce a thermoelectric voltage when the two ends are at different temperatures. There are three “families” of materials from which thermocouples are made. (See Charts Below) Some History In the 1820’s Thomas Seebeck experimented with a circuit of…
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