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How the Times Have Changed for Thermometers and Thermocouple Calibrators!

         Editor's Note: This content was sent out to our email recipients as recent eBlast information and we wanted to share it with our website visitors also. Enjoy.   Accuracy Takes Time. When we look back in time, it's hard to imagine the patience that was necessary to develop an accurate thermometer. According…
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What Exactly is Cold Junction Compensation? How Does It Relate to the Use of Thermocouples as Temperature Sensors?

Written by Dan Jackson, TEGAM Product Manager I was recently asked, “What does Cold Junction Compensation do?”  This question requires that I summarize how thermocouples work and the physics behind them. A thermocouple develops a thermoelectric voltage based upon the principle known as the Seebeck Effect. Now, what is the Seebeck Effect? In the 1800s, Thomas…
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Digitizing Temperature Measurement for Product Safety and Quality

TEGAM President Adam Fleder gave an interview to Process Expo recently on the importance of accurate temperature measurement and data collection in Food Safety applications. Here's a bit of the article, below: "'People don’t just want a thermometer,' TEGAM president Adam Fleder says. 'They don’t even care if they have a thermometer. What they want…
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How Does A Digital Thermometer Work?

How do Digital Thermometers Work? Thermometers used to be simple. First, there was a glass tube filled with a liquid that expanded up the tube as the temperature increased. We all understood how that worked. Then came the bi-metal thermometers. They were made from a layered strip of 2 metals with different coefficients of expansion…
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