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Circuit Diagnostics Using a Temperature Calibrator

By Dan Jackson, TEGAM Thermometry Product Manager Did you know that you can use your temperature calibrator as a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot your temperature control circuit? Your temperature calibrator, sometimes known as a process calibrator or temperature simulator, needs a combination of features to make it a useful diagnostic tool. It needs a dual…
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Digital Measuring Devices and IFT 2019 – Thermometers and More for Food Industry Needs

By Dan Jackson, TEGAM Thermometry Product Manager I'm just back from the IFT (International Food Technology) Show 2019 in New Orleans this June. There were over 17,000 attendees present to see the latest innovations from global food industry suppliers, ranging from the most efficient mixers to plant-based proteins that replace animal-based proteins. The new technologies…
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Which Thermocouple Alloy (TYPE) Should You Use for Temperature Measurement?

Thermocouples are the most commonly used temperature sensors in the United States and the 2nd most popular sensor used in Europe. ASTM E230/E230M-17 recognizes 9 thermocouple types, and there are more. Some types are obsolete and only used in older installations, such as Types L and U, while others are newer, like “P” (Platinel II)…
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Concerning Digital Thermometer Accuracy

Accuracy within the realm of digital thermometers has many definitions, depending upon your point of reference. The number of significant digits The degree to which a measurement conforms to the correct value True or false A combination of systemic errors and statistical bias The resolution, or number of significant digits in the thermometer display, is…
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