Monthly Archives: January 2020

Methods for Intrinsic Safety in Industrial, Manufacturing and Research Scenarios

Intrinsic Safety is the set of best practices, procedures and technology used to prevent unwanted and unnecessary explosive scenarios in the workplace. When working in the presence of flammable materials in various environments, the possibility of fire or explosion is a very real and present danger. The loss of life or limb, ruined product, damaged equipment,…
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TEGAM’s Jay Romanek Appointed as Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International

TEGAM is delighted to announce the selection and appointment of our own DoD Program Specialist Jay Romanek as the Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International. The volunteer role is essential for helping NCSL International members to meet and to exchange information with peers at least on a semi-annual basis, and Jay's organizational expertise will be helping…
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How to Use Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators as a Circuit Diagnostic Tool

Did you know that you can use your thermocouple temperature calibrator as a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot your temperature control circuit? To maximize your thermocouple temperature calibrator as a diagnostic tool, it must have a combination of key features. It needs a dual display - one showing the value of the output signal and a…
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