Monthly Archives: November 2020

AMS 2750F System Calibration with TEGAM’s 945A Temperature Calibrator!

Precision heat-treat systems use sophisticated controllers and measurement sensors to maintain consistent and uniform thermal environments. To certify and document that your heat-treat systems are operating within the targeted limits, you need a temperature calibrator that is up to the task: the TEGAM 945A is that calibrator. The 945A handheld temperature calibrator is the first…
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AMS 2750F Pyrometry Instrumentation Solutions from TEGAM

TEGAM has reliable, accurate instrument solutions for the 0.1 degree temperature measurement resolution problem. The latest version of AMS2750 Pyrometry has just been released. Revision F is a complete rewrite so it pays to read it carefully to see how the changes may impact your operations. In the first paragraph, the standard states that, “Resolution requirements for recording…
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