TEGAM Enhances 930 Series Digital Thermometers for Food Industry Temperature Monitoring

TEGAM Enhances 930 Series Digital Thermometers for Food Industry Temperature Monitoring

GENEVA, OH, January 11, 2019

TEGAM Enhances 930 Series Thermometers with
New Firmware and Bluetooth® Communications to Aid Food Safety Compliance


FOOD SAFETY TEMPERATURE MONITORING: TEGAM – global manufacturer of  test, measurement and calibration instruments for science and industry – has added special firmware to its 930 Series wireless data thermometers to help food industry companies comply with food safety regulations. Although the 930 series’ precision and accuracy are in the 1/10 degree range, many regulations and company standards are written for 1 degree precision. With 1 degree precision, most thermometers round upwards, so 134.5° becomes 135°. From a food safety point of view, manufacturers need to know the temperature has actually reached 135° when the meters read 135 – and not 134.5°.

TEGAM has designed firmware to allow the user to switch to a 1° display while the electronics continue at 0.1° precision,” explains Dan Jackson, Thermometry Product Manager at TEGAM.  “Our special rounding algorithms then assure the sample under test is at 135.0 before the display reads as 135°. For cooling applications, there is also a similar algorithm that assures the sample reaches -5.0° before the display reads as -5°. It’s an accuracy and precision that is vital for food manufacturing and production capabilities.”

The 93x Developer’s Kit (p/n SDK-93x) has also been augmented with new software and source code examples using the new Bluetooth® Low Energy (BTLE) support added to the Windows 10 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).  These make it even easier to get readings from the Bluetooth thermometer directly into a Windows 10-based PC.  Driver-based support for BTLE using a plug-in BT radio remains in the SDK for those developing for legacy systems.

TEGAM 932B Thermocouple Thermometer with Probe

Thermometers for Food Safety Temperature Monitoring and Recording

These new capabilities are all part of TEGAM’s commitment to Food Safety and precision measurement. We offer a complete temperature validation solution for your production floor and QC areas; from high-accuracy temperature measurements to datalogging, wireless storage and full software integration.


TEGAM is a manufacturer of world-class digital thermometers and calibrators. Our 900 Series Digital thermometers are designed to offer the industry-precision temperature measurement, datalogging, and wireless communications solution necessary to get temperature measurements directly from production into our customers’ data systems for quality control and recording.

Food Safety Temperature

TEGAM datalogging digital thermometers are used by food
industry professionals from coast-to-coast and around the world.

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