Acquisition History


TEGAM acquires the portable ohmmeter line from PPM Instruments.


TEGAM acquires Pragmatic Instruments Inc. a manufacturer of arbitrary waveform generators, voltage standards, MEMS, and custom engineering solutions for unique signal generation and amplification applications.


TEGAM acquires Analite Inc., a manufacturer of Humidity and Temperature Sensors, Transmitters, Probes, and Controllers.


TEGAM acquires the instrument division of Weinschel Corporation and now manufactures RF and microwave power and attenuation measurement systems. In addition, the System IIA power sensor calibrator products are added to TEGAM’s product line.


TEGAM acquires the TM500/5000 product lines from Tektronix. These products include automated oscilloscope calibration equipment and general-purpose test instruments in a compact and modular format.


TEGAM acquires the impedance and resistance product lines from ESI, (Electro-Scientific Industries), and now manufactures standard resistors, decade boxes, specialty ohmmeters and LCR meters for metrology, calibration, portable and production test applications.


TEGAM acquires the Gertsch, Singer, AILTech, Cutler-Hammer ratio transformer, synchro-resolver standard, and phase angle voltmeter product lines from Eaton Corporation.


TEGAM acquires the handheld thermometer and digital multi meter business of Keithley Instruments and grows it into a successful line of thermometers, handheld temperature calibrators and safety voltmeters.


TEGAM acquires Syntel Incorporated, a manufacturer of three-phase industrial test products.