Development History


PS-Cal Calibration Software adds support for Rhode & Schwarz power sensors.


PS-Cal Calibration Software that enables fully automated RF power sensor calibration for most Anritsu, Agilent (both E4400 and E9300 series), Boonton and Giga-tronics power sensors.


High Power RF Calibration System for directional power sensors and RF Wattmeters from virtually all manufacturers including Bird Technologies.  The system operates from 250 kHz to 3 GHz and up to 250W with combined uncertainty less than 1%.  This frequency range covers the ISM, Land Mobile Radio and common mobile phone bands.


The 900 series of industrial thermocouple thermometers designed to assist food manufacturers in meeting the requirements of the FSMA by remote monitoring of critical data and simplifying the data collection process.


The TEGAM model 2505A is an RF power standard offers full NIST traceability for the calibration of RF power sensors from 9 kHz to 18 GHz in one instrument.


A new series of four wire probes for resistance measurements. These include small and large replaceable probe points with multiple head configurations. The MCP series offers a unique coaxial design for the smallest foot print possible.


TEGAM was recently awarded Patent No. 8,610,069, “Coaxial to Dual Co-Planar Waveguide Launcher for Microwave Bolometry.”  This patent describes a new way to construct bolometers—a type of microwave power sensor that uses thermistors—that makes them more accurate and easier to assemble.


The Model R1L-BR1 Bond Meter Kit is a purpose built, rechargeable battery powered portable instrument for ground bond measurements.


The Model 1820B RF Mount Temperature Controller provides a stable power source for one or two Precision RF Coaxial Power Standards (mounts).


TEGAM introduces the R1L-E2A bond meter which is the only electrical bonding meter certified to ATEX, UL and CSA intrinsically safe standards.


TEGAM introduces the 1510A and 2510A Microwave Calibration Standards that are directly traceable to NIST.  Lowest uncertainty of any available CW absolute power sensor.


The Model 1830A RF Power Meter is launched. Designed to replace the Agilent 432A, the 1830A achieves the lowest uncertainty RF power measurement available.


TEGAM expands into the field of PXI, with the Model 4040A, Wideband (50MHz) Differential Input Amplifier.


The Model 2375 High Voltage MEMS Driver Amplifier and the Model 2348 Power Amplifier are added to TEGAM's amplifier line.


The 9070 MEMS Engine Driver System is launched as an updated version of the 9014.


TEGAM introduces the Model 3550, a 42.0-5.00 MHz, Programmable LCR Meter for high frequency component test.


Wideband coaxial RF power transfer standards, F1135 and M1135 are introduced for frequencies 10MHz to 26.5GHz.


F1130 and M1130, 100kHz to 18GHz, wideband coaxial power transfer standards are introduced to the RF power sensor calibration market.


Model 1827, TEGAM's economical wideband (100kHz- 18GHz) RF Power Sensor Calibrator is launched.


Model 3525, 120Hz/1kHz LCR Meter is introduced as TEGAM's solution for customers in search of a high-performance, low cost, LCR meter.


The 2340/2350 Single or Dual Channel, High Voltage Amplifiers are offered to the MEMS, piezo-electric and special applications markets to meet customer requests for high voltage and low-distortion amplification solutions.


TEGAM introduces the Model 1825, a low-cost, 10MHz - 18GHz RF Power Sensor Calibrator.


The Model 1804 Single Input, Type IV RF Power Meter and Model 1820, RF Mount Heater, are created to supplement TEGAM's Power Sensor Calibration products


The Model 1750 Resistance Measurement System for high-speed production test. The model 1750 is the fastest micro-ohm meter on the market to date.


Model SG5050, the world's first 2.5 GHz Leveled Sine wave Generator.


TEGAM reintroduces the DM511 and DM5110 DMM's to support the TM5000 modular products.


The Model 122 Safety Voltmeter is developed for the electric utility industry.


The SR102 high stability 100-Ohm Resistance Transfer


Handheld temperature calibrator line for process control, test and calibration.

Standard is added to the ESI resistance standards platform.


Specialty voltmeters for the electric utility industry.


New digital and microprocessor-based thermometer products to build on the Keithley product line. Today the line is more than double the product count offered by Keithley.


Our first new product, the MR-1 Motor Rotation Indicator.