AMS 2750F Pyrometry Instrumentation Solutions from TEGAM

AMS 2750F Pyrometry Instrumentation Solutions from TEGAM

GENEVA, OH, November 23, 2020

TEGAM has reliable, accurate instrument solutions for the 0.1 degree temperature measurement resolution problem.

The latest version of AMS2750 Pyrometry has just been released. Revision F is a complete rewrite so it pays to read it carefully to see how the changes may impact your operations. In the first paragraph, the standard states that, “Resolution requirements for recording instruments have been updated…”

Let’s see then how the updated requirements will affect various aspects of heat treating and testing within industrial or research settings.

Table 7 in AMS2750F dictates the accuracy requirements for the different instruments used in controlling, recording and calibrating heat treat systems. There are four classes of instruments that may concern a factory operation, as shown in the following table below:

Type Accuracy Required
Primary Standard +/-0.1F (0.05C) or +/- 0.015%
Secondary Standard +/-0.3F (0.2C) or +/- 0.05%
Field Test Instrument +/-1.0F (0.6C) or +/- 0.1%
Control, Recording, Data ACQ +/-2.0F (1.1C) or +/- 0.3%


Digital Instruments of the Control and Recording type are required to have a resolution of at least 0.1⁰. In addition, Section specifies that Primary Standards, Secondary Standards and Field Test Instruments must also have a resolution of 0.1⁰.

Fortunately, TEGAM offers two standard temperature measuring instruments that meet these requirements at reasonable prices.

If you need to calibrate and monitor your heat treat systems, the 945A portable temperature calibrator can simulate and measure 14 thermocouple types including the popular J, K and N. In addition, an AMS2750 calibration option is available that provides the 6 documented calibration points on the thermocouples you specify.

For monitor-only applications, the 931B datalogging thermometer excels at electronic recording of temperatures without buying any additional software. It will directly record temperature into an Excel spreadsheet or any other software, directly out of the box!

Visit our Thermometry section to view all of our temperature measuring and recording instruments, or email us at to be connected to an applications engineer who will then assist you in selecting the right tool and configuration for your application needs. You can also contact us via our easy online form.

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