AMS 2750F Reference Thermometer – The 931B for Heat Treat Systems

AMS 2750F Reference Thermometer – The 931B for Heat Treat Systems

GENEVA, OH, December 7, 2020

TEGAM's 931B data logging digital thermometer for temperature measurement and recording for Heat Treat systems and more!

Do you need an instrument to monitor and document your heat treat systems?

The TEGAM 931B Documenting (Datalogging) Digital Thermometer expedites the AMS2750F Comparison System Accuracy Test (SAT) expertly.

The 931B datalogger has the accuracy, resolution (0.1 degrees) and connectivity to perform an SAT faster than ever before. The included Thermolink app will put measurements directly into a spreadsheet or any software that you currently use. This dramatically simplifies the task of collecting data and documenting SAT’s. Many would argue it thusly increases the accuracy of your data recording process.

The 931B is also compatible with the standard base metal thermocouples J, K, E, N, T as well as the noble metals B, R, S so that it will work with the sensors you already have. It will also directly calculate the MIN, MAX, AVG and STDEV of your oven so that you know if you are always in control. The sensor offsets can be entered into the 931B and save you the trouble of correcting the data later.

Finally, the 931B datalogging thermometer is available from the factory with a special AMS2750 Calibration option. This option provides six documented calibration points to meet the requirements of Section The purchaser may specify which of the 8 NIST traceable thermocouples types are documented.

Visit the 931B instrument page, or email us at to be connected to an applications engineer who can conduct an online demo so you can be certain the 931B will meet your requirements before purchasing. You can also use our easy form to get in touch with TEGAM.

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