AMS 2750F System Calibration with TEGAM’s 945A Temperature Calibrator!

AMS 2750F System Calibration with TEGAM’s 945A Temperature Calibrator!

GENEVA, OH, November 30, 2020

The TEGAM 945A temperature calibrator

Precision heat-treat systems use sophisticated controllers and measurement sensors to maintain consistent and uniform thermal environments. To certify and document that your heat-treat systems are operating within the targeted limits, you need a temperature calibrator that is up to the task: the TEGAM 945A is that calibrator.

The 945A handheld temperature calibrator is the first truly portable instrument with the accuracy to qualify as a secondary standard. This reduces the number of instruments you must maintain (and use) while also improving the calibration of each system. The 945A serves as both a thermocouple simulator for calibrating controllers and as a reference thermometer with 0.1 degree resolution as required by Section You can calibrate Control and Recording devices as well as perform Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT) – all with one accurate instrument.

Beyond precision, the 945A also has the longest battery life of any portable calibrator for uninterrupted service when you are in the field. The user interface allows fast and direct setting changes with minimal keystrokes and no need to find the manual.

Finally, the 945A is available from the factory with a special AMS2750 Calibration option. This option provides six documented calibration points to meet the requirements of Section The purchaser may specify which of the 14 thermocouples types supported by the 945A are documented.

Visit the 945A product page to learn more details on this fully developed temperature calibrator, or email us at to be connected to an applications engineer who will assist you in selecting the right configuration for your needs. You may also reach-out to TEGAM via our easy online form and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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