AMS2750F Pyrometry Has Dropped

AMS2750F Pyrometry Has Dropped

GENEVA, OH, July 17, 2020

The latest version of AMS2750 Pyrometry has just been released. Revision F is a complete rewrite so it pays to read it carefully to see how the changes may impact your operations. This post will be focusing on instrumentation since that is what we know best at TEGAM.

In the first paragraph, the standard states that “Resolution requirements for recording instruments have been updated…” Let’s see how that will affect various aspects of heat treating and testing.

Table 7 in AMS2750F dictates the accuracy requirements of the different instruments used in controlling, recording and calibrating heat treat systems. There are four classes of instruments that may concern a factory operation as shown in the following table:

Type Accuracy Required
Primary Standard +/-0.1F (0.05C) or +/- 0.015%
Secondary Standard +/-0.3F (0.2C) or +/- 0.05%
Field Test Instrument +/-1.0F (0.6C) or +/- 0.1%
Control, Recording, Data ACQ +/-2.0F (1.1C) or +/- 0.3%


Digital Instruments of the Control and Recording type are required to have a resolution of at least 0.1⁰. In addition, Section specifies that Primary Standards, Secondary Standards and Field Test Instruments must also have a resolution of 0.1⁰.  This presents a problem to much of the installed base of equipment, as many instruments have a 0.1⁰ resolution below 1000⁰ but switch-over to 1-degree resolution above 1000⁰. In order to comply with AMS2750F then, you may need to upgrade some of your instrumentation. The standard does provide a grace period in certain circumstances.

The TEGAM 945A Thermocouple Temperature Calibrator is the ideal tool for heat treaters. It is a field-portable instrument that meets the accuracy and resolution requirements of a secondary standard. It serves both as a thermocouple simulator and as a reference thermometer. You can calibrate Control and Recording devices as well as perform Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT) all with one instrument. Now you may service your entire operations with one 945A thermocouple temperature calibrator instead of maintaining multiple instruments. The 945A also has 10X the battery life of any portable temperature calibrators and the simplest controls for easy use. You won’t be reaching for new batteries or the manual every time you use it!

When the time comes, you can calibrate the 945A against a primary standard or send it to any competent temperature lab. The calibration procedure is also published in the manual.  The 945A comes standard with an ISO17025 calibration report and a special AMS2750 Calibration option is also available. This option provides six documented calibration points to meet the requirements of section The purchaser may specify which of the 14 thermocouples types supported by the 945A are documented.

TEGAM’s 945A thermocouple temperature calibrators make complying with the new instrumentation requirements of AMS2750F easy AND at a reasonable price. Please follow this link to learn more or to place an order. You may also request a demo of the 945A. Reach-out to TEGAM with any questions or queries you have on our temperature calibrators or other thermometry and pyrometry products.

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