Application Notes – Temperature & Humidity

AN600: Food Industry Temperature Measurement

TEGAM has invested many years listening to meat processors around the country and are now introducing a complete line of instrument and probe solutions for the QC Professional.

AN601: TEGAM Temperature Products Aid in Monitoring of Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs have quickly become a very important pest of the 21st century, as they have already invaded numerous urban areas including hotels, offices and residences. Increasing the room temperature up to 120-130 °F is found to be effective in killing bed bugs. The TEGAM 819A Series of Thermocouple Thermometer combined with an 8052 Thermocouple Switch Box and 8752 Probe is the fastest and easiest way to measure up to 6 thermocouples.

AN602: Six Ways to Use a Six-way Thermocouple Switch

The TEGAM 819A series of thermocouple thermometers combined with an 8012 Thermocouple Switch is the fastest and easiest way to measure up to 6 thermocouples. This application note explores six different practical uses for the instrument.

AN604: Advantages of Contact Thermometers over Non-Contact/Infrared Thermometers

Use of thermometers to measure temperature has been around for centuries. Understanding the difference between contact and non-contact temperature measurements is vital to health, safety and quality issues in a wide range of industries.