Armed with Statistical Data Thanks to Datalogging Thermometers

Armed with Statistical Data Thanks to Datalogging Thermometers

GENEVA, OH, July 26, 2017

After a recent office remodeling project, I found the temperature in my office changing dramatically. (There is a part of the story where the heating expert says “I told you so” but that caused an unfortunate reflex.)

My second reflex was to pick up our new 931B datalogging thermometer and use it to diagnose the problem. It was designed to be wonderfully suited to the task. First, it has an incredible battery life of 1000 hours so I could set it up in my office and leave it on for days to get a good record of the air temperature in all types of conditions. Secondly, it easily captures a useful set of data at the press of one button.

The data includes the Minimum (64.4⁰), Maximum (81.3⁰), Average (69.6⁰), Range (16.6⁰) and Standard Deviation (5.9⁰). By simply pressing and holding the CLR button, the statistical data is cleared and the real-time clock is zeroed. Immediately the 931A datalogger begins takings readings and computing these statistics.

Pressing the VIEW key will cycle through these statistics at any time without disturbing the ongoing measurements. Of course, I could determine that I was too hot or too cold without a datalogging thermometer. However, armed with real numbers, my heating expert can now properly assess and address the problem as soon as he recovers.

TEGAM knows datalogging thermometers because we design, engineer and manufacture them for clients around the world. Are you ready to become a satisfied TEGAM digital thermometer user? We’d love to have you – please contact us here to get started with TEGAM.

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