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AMS 2750F Pyrometry Instrumentation Solutions from TEGAM

TEGAM has reliable, accurate instrument solutions for the 0.1 degree temperature measurement resolution problem. The latest version of AMS2750 Pyrometry has just been released. Revision F is a complete rewrite so it pays to read it carefully to see how the changes may impact your operations. In the first paragraph, the standard states that, “Resolution requirements for recording…
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How Accurate is Your Bond Meter? A Glimpse into the World of High-Accuracy Resistance Measurement

Bond meters are an important tool in any aircraft, automobile, or communications technician’s toolbox. Accurate bond measurements are critical to ensure the safe operation of these systems, and technicians look to instruments they can trust. Bond Meters are resistance-measuring instruments that are designed specifically for grounding and bonding applications. In these applications, very small resistance…
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TEGAM’s Jay Romanek Appointed as Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International

TEGAM is delighted to announce the selection and appointment of our own DoD Program Specialist Jay Romanek as the Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International. The volunteer role is essential for helping NCSL International members to meet and to exchange information with peers at least on a semi-annual basis, and Jay's organizational expertise will be helping…
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