Digitizing Temperature Measurement for Product Safety and Quality

Digitizing Temperature Measurement for Product Safety and Quality

GENEVA, OH, March 13, 2019

TEGAM President Adam Fleder gave an interview to Process Expo recently on the importance of accurate temperature measurement and data collection in Food Safety applications. Here’s a bit of the article, below:

“‘People don’t just want a thermometer,’ TEGAM president Adam Fleder says. ‘They don’t even care if they have a thermometer. What they want is to know that a product, say a palette of fish that just came off of a truck, has been kept cold. If it hasn’t, they want to be able to say, ‘We’re rejecting Batch 582 from Supplier Y because it’s been sitting at an elevated temperature, and here’s the reading.’”

The ability to accurately record and track temperature is crucial in an industry where one wrong reading can have devastating consequences, like a recall or worse. We spoke with Fleder to learn more about how advanced digital temperature measurement systems help companies protect their product safety and quality.”

You can read the Process Expo article and interview with Adam Fleder HERE.

Don’t forget that TEGAM will be exhibiting at Process Expo. Look for more information as October 2019 approaches!


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