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GEMINI Tools RF Power Meter Application

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The GEMINI Tools™ RF Power Meter Application is a user interface and data collection tool for use with the TEGAM GEMINI 5500-Series RF Power Meters. The app can communicate with up to five (5) instruments simultaneously. It provides real-time data visualization on the connected PC and saves the displayed data to a convenient data file for additional analysis or future reference.


The GEMINI Tools application requires minimal resources for installation and operation. Download the application at To install, launch the GEMINITools_[DATE].msi file and follow the onscreen prompts.


Figure 1: GEMINI Tools Main Application Window


The GEMINI Tools application can be configured to meet most laboratory, IT, and locality requirements. Click Tools -> Configuration to display the Configuration Parameters window.


Figure 2: GEMINI Tools Configuration Parameters Window


Data File Directory: Click the ellipse () button and select the desired directory in the dialog box. Click OK to set the Data File Directory path.

Sample Interval Default (s): Use the up and down arrows, or type a valid integer, to set the number of seconds between each data sample. Valid sample intervals are any integer value between 1 and 3600. Note that the Sample Interval may be changed in the main window at any time prior to beginning a data acquisition session.

Data File Delimiter: Select the desired delimiter for data collection CSV files. Users may select either the commasemicolon, or TAB character as the active delimiter. The comma is selected by default. However, where operating system locality settings use a comma as the decimal separator, the semicolon or TAB delimiter should be used to prevent data import errors.

Save: Click Save to save the configuration settings. Configuration settings are persistent between sessions until changed in the Configure Parameters window.

Cancel: Click Cancel to discard changes and revert to the previously saved configuration settings.


The operation is straightforward. The application automatically detects GEMINI instruments connected to the PC. Once found, the COM port, Model, and Serial Number are displayed in the Available Meters group for each discovered instrument.

Select the desired unit(s) (hold the CTRL key to select multiple units) in the Available Meters group, set a Sample Interval between 1 and 3600 seconds, then click START Data Acquisition to begin collecting data. Real-time charts will display live readings from the selected instrument(s).

Click Zoom to display a new chart window in which you can use your mouse to zoom in on data of interest. Simply click and drag to create a square around the data. Release the mouse button and the window will zoom to the selected data.

Measurement Data Files

Click Open Data Directory to open the default or configured data file directory. By default, measurement data CSV files are found at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\TEGAM\GEMINI Tools\Data, while program log information is at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\TEGAM\GEMINI Tools\Log. If a custom data file directory was defined in the Configuration Parameters dialog, data CSV files will be found in the designated location.

Demo Mode

*** Demo mode should not be used for production data collection ***

The GEMINI Tools application includes a Demo mode which can be used to test the application when no meter is available. Click Tools -> Demo Mode to load the simulated GEMINI meters, then follow the instructions above. All application features are available in Demo mode.


Figure 3: Demo Mode Menu Option

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