How to Automatically Record Milk Temperatures in the Dairy Industry – Datalogging Thermometers for PMO Compliance

How to Automatically Record Milk Temperatures in the Dairy Industry – Datalogging Thermometers for PMO Compliance

GENEVA, OH, November 18, 2019

The Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) by the Food and Drug Administration requires recording the temperature at multiple transfer points between producers, transporters and processors. Manually checking these temperatures to verify that the milk is within the target range of 32-40 ⁰F (0-4.4 ⁰C) is a good facility practice. However, the process can be automated to use less manual labor and improve the accuracy of the results. Combining a new hypodermic probe with a universal data logging thermometer such as the TEGAM 931B creates a paperless and simple logging system that safely and conveniently stores the time and temperature of each sample in a universally accessible repository.

It really is time to go paperless for both sanitary and simplicity reasons. It is now easier and more accurate to collect the temperature samples your operation requires with a data logging thermometer and have these readings automatically enter your quality reporting system. The TEGAM 931B has a few unique features that allow you to automate the process of data collection. All that is required is a TEGAM 931B data logger, a Qualitru TruStream 7 septa, and a typical smartphone.

The 931B is a low-power datalogging thermometer that can be set to collect a temperature reading every minute. Over the course of an 8-hour day, this results in 480 temperature readings with the corresponding clock time included. The TEGAM temperature probe is a special hypodermic design that can be inserted into the TruStream 7 and left for the entire day. It will automatically record and store the readings throughout the day. At the end of the shift, you can quickly connect your smart phone or computer to save the data to your record-keeping system. You have just accomplished a complete daily record of your process without having to spend time taking samples or readings.

The 931B data logging thermometer is also designed for long battery life and will run for over 120 days on one set of batteries.

TEGAM offers a free demonstration website of our TEGAM Cloud database that will collect your data and let you access it on a computer, tablet or phone. If you already use a quality management system, TEGAM can show you how to connect our thermometers to your system. TEGAM datalogging thermometers will record the temperature and time of each sample so that you have confidence in your records and can easily retrieve them as necessary for reporting and quality assurance purposes.

You can find more information about QualiTru’s TruStream 7 and 12 septa here and see TEGAM’s data logging thermometers here.

TruStream 7 with 9T307MTC04 Hypodermic Temperature Probe Used with TEGAM Datalogging Thermometers

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