TEGAM Helps the Aerospace Industry Fly High

TEGAM test & measurement instruments for the Aerospace industry include bond meters & bond meter probes, milli-ohmmeters, datalogging thermometers and power sensor calibration systems!

There’s a lot of technology, science and expertise that goes into keeping an aircraft in the air. The aerospace industry relies on many types of TEGAM Test & Measurement products – from testing aircraft flight control surfaces to ensuring solid electrical bonds throughout the frame. TEGAM is proud to serve the aerospace industry in these areas with our instrumentation:

  • TEGAM’s 710A Bond Meter & Milli-Ohmmeter excels at measuring electrical bonds of less than 1 Ω on aircraft frames. It is highly portable as the smallest milli-ohmmeter on the market. The R1L-E2A carries UL/ATEX/CSA ratings and can be used in potentially hazardous locations such as fuel tanks and pumps as an intrinsically safe bond meter & milli-ohmmeter.
  •  TEGAM’s Temperature and Calibration product lines encompass the spectrum of thermometry applications, from general temperature measurement to specialized applications such as jet engine test stands. These highly accurate instruments are available with data logging, intrinsic safety, and temperature sensor calibrator options for numerous applications.
  •  Synchro/resolvers are high-reliability rotary position sensors used in many aircraft applications. TEGAM’s Ratio Transformers and Standards product line assists with test and calibration of inductive voltage dividers and synchro/resolvers.
  •  RF Power Sensors are a key test instrument on and around aircraft for radar and communications. TEGAM’s PMX automated Power Sensor Calibration Systems are a standard fixture in aerospace facilities. Customers maintain ISO17025 calibrations on their sensors with fast turn-around and easy automation. TEGAM supports all the major manufacturers on one system.

Ready to engage further with TEGAM? Please see our application note, Testing Aircraft Electrical Bonds Ensures Safety and Reliability, Improves System Performance. Please contact us here with questions or queries on our Test & Measurement devices and systems. Request a product demo as well.

TEGAM and Design World hosted a webinar on Aerospace Ground Bond Testing on April 2, 2020. To watch the webinar click here to view the video on our Youtube Channel!