Automotive Industries

Worldwide production of automobiles exceeds 70 million units per year. It is a competitive and demanding supply chain with stringent quality requirements. The cost of producing nonconforming product can ruin the reputation and profits of a company if it results in a recall. Safety issues are also paramount in a consumer product. In this challenging environment, companies trust the performance of TEGAM products to prosper.

TEGAM’s 1750 High-Speed Micro-ohmmeter is the first choice for testing low resistance devices and assemblies such as fuses, fusible links, fuse blocks, interconnects and conductors. It is the fastest and most accurate micro-ohmmeter available. It can produce accurate readings with 100 ηΩ resolution in 10 ms. Its ubiquity around the world means you probably drive a vehicle tested by TEGAM.

Battery Electric Vehicles benefit from TEGAM’s expertise. The new 710A Bond Meter is exceptionally portable and can be sued to test both mechanical and electrical bonds less that 1Ω. The high bus current involved in electrical drive trains require tight and consistent connection to prevent hot spots and reliability problems.
The Model 110A is a voltmeter that simplifies troubleshooting electrical problems in vehicle drive trains and charging systems. It will measure up to 1000V AC or DC and has overload protection built into the probes for a high level of operator safety.

CQI-9 Heat Treat System Assessments are facilitated by the model 945A Thermocouple Calibrator. It combines a reference thermometer and precision thermocouple simulator that qualifies as a secondary standard. This is accomplished in a portable handheld device with an unmatched battery life. Now, calibrating instrumentation and performing System Accuracy Tests just became much easier. It is also available from the factory with a standard ISO17025 calibration.

Thermal problems in engine bays are easier to track down with a two-channel data logging thermometer. The 932B Bluetooth data logger can record and transmit data from two separate channels for up to 1000 hours on one set of batteries. An app is included for IOS or Android devices that permit remote control and strip charting of data while the hood is closed to replicate problem conditions.