TEGAM serves the Metrology industry with Testing & Measurement devices like RF power sensor calibration systems, thermocouple temperature calibrators and AC ratio transformers.

The Science of Measurement (NOT the Weather) and TEGAM

Calibration laboratories provide a critical link between our everyday lives and national standards. Confidence in accurate, consistent measurements is an essential element in our Commerce, Safety and Quality Control systems. TEGAM instruments are used to ensure that your food is safe, that your tires are manufactured correctly, that your mobile phone can connect, and that the aircraft you fly within is assembled correctly for safe operations. These common measurements are traced to a national standard through TEGAM equipment.

The next level of Accuracy and Repeatability are required by the instruments used in the science of Metrology. Around the world, calibration laboratories trust TEGAM instruments for their precision measurements in RF Power, Temperature and Resistance. TEGAM equipment can be found in national standards laboratories, commercial labs, and even in portable calibration trucks nationally and worldwide.

TEGAM measuring instruments used in Metrology include:

  • High Power Sensors: 5500 Series Coming Soon!

Please contact TEGAM with any specific queries or needs you may have in the Metrology field. Learn about our Accreditation and Certifications and Decision Rules for Declaring Tolerance Conformity as well. Request a demo of our products here.