Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Industries

The petroleum industry uses many types of TEGAM products throughout its complex functions. Exploration, extraction, refinement, transportation, and distribution each have unique challenges that are addressed by TEGAM products.

Drilling rigs need to be properly grounded to prevent electrical discharges and lightning strikes from igniting crude oil and natural gas. The TEGAM R1L-E2A is an intrinsically safe electrical bond test instrument that verifies the ground link is secure. This needs to be checked at installation and periodically to maintain safety.

Performing sediment tests on petroleum samples requires precise temperature measurement to properly calculate the specific gravity. The 921B intrinsically safe thermometer carries ATEX/UL/CSA certifications for use with flammables substances. Intrinsically safe probes with fast response rates are also available in a combination that is unique to TEGAM.

Did you ever wonder if your gasoline pump is accurate? A standard method is to pump a known quantity of gasoline and measure the temperature. Gasoline changes volume with a temperature 4.5 times more than water and the pump must be adjusted accordingly. A technician verifies that the gasoline pump delivers the purchased quantity within 0.3%. The 921B is certified to measure the temperature of a container of gasoline without igniting it.

Do you need to measure temperatures on a fueled aircraft? The 922B provides two channels of intrinsically safe temperature measurement for use anywhere on the airframe. Two channels provides the differential capability to measure the temperature differences between inlet and outlet temperatures, exhaust and cabin climate control.