Temperature calibrators, datalogging thermometers and megohmmeters are designed and manufactured by TEGAM in America for the Plastics industry worldwide.

TEGAM Instruments Help Mold the Future of Plastics

As ubiquitous as plastics have become in everyday life, the plastics industry still continues to innovate and find new ways to create, process, and recycle synthetic materials of all types. From automotive to foods and medical applications, TEGAM is proud to manufacture Test, Measurement & Calibration instruments that support this ever-changing field with our thermometry and electrical high-resistance products.

  • TEGAM’s R1M-A and R1M-B Megohmmeters are used after the manufacturing process to test the insulative properties of the plastics. These tests are critical for plastics that are used in potentially explosive environments or that house components susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD).

For more information on how TEGAM Test & Measurement equipment is used in the plastics industry and how they could be of-service in your manufacturing facility, feel free to browse our Application Notes. Please contact TEGAM with any specific queries or needs you may have in the Plastics industry. Interested parties can also request a demo of our datalogging thermometers, temperature calibrators and megohmmeters.