Research Industry Trusts TEGAM for Accurate Data and Precision Applications in Laboratory Environments

TEGAM Test, Measurement & Calibration instruments like datalogging thermometers and power amplifiers help researchers gather and track reliable information for scientific breakthroughs and discovery.

From the classroom to the laboratory, TEGAM is committed to helping scientists, creators and researchers innovate and bring new products and discoveries to the world. TEGAM Test, Measurement & Calibration equipment can be found in universities, standards laboratories, and commercial labs worldwide. Some examples of our instrumentation applications in the research field include:

  • Bioscience
    • In the biology lab, our 930 Series datalogging thermometers are being used to monitor crustaceans. Using video and the 930 series timestamp data, researchers can determine how the crustacean’s swimming activity changes with heat.
  • Epidemiology
  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
    • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, commonly known as MEMS, are becoming widely used for micro-miniature actuators and sensors that detect electrical, mechanical, chemical, and physical phenomena in numerous measurement applications around the world. A university chose the TEGAM 2350 precision power amplifier for use as part of a MEMS Optical Profiling System. For more information about this application, see our application note on the topic.

TEGAM instruments will continue to play an essential role in research processes across North America and the world. We’re pleased that our designs, engineering and manufacturing innovations make TEGAM a standout choice for scientists and researchers in many industries. Please contact TEGAM with any specific queries or needs you may have in the Research and Academia fields. Learn more about some of TEGAM’s vital products on our YouTube channel. Researchers may Request A Demo of our Test & Measurement instruments here.