Semiconductor Apps

Advanced Semiconductors Require Precise Measurement

Finer geometries and denser circuity require more precise RF power control within etching and deposition processes. TEGAM’s expertise in high power RF measurement is the key to consistency and repeatability in process control. We maintain ISO17025 accreditation in all standard ISM frequencies up to 10 kW. Our unmatched calorimeters achieve the lowest uncertainty and are traceable through national standards.  You may use our calibration services to maintain your working standards or purchase working standards from us with accredited calibration.

  • The 5500 Series RF power meter is unique as a sensor and meter in one package. It can be used to transfer 0.5% measurement to the floor of a semiconductor fab or as an in-situ monitor. The integral display measure Power (FWD/REV), Frequency and VSWR. It is powered of a standard USB port and can be used with Gemini Tools Software for monitoring and logging on a laptop.
  • The 700 Series Bond Meters excel at measuring electrical bonds of less than 1 Ω on production tools to verify safety grounds and RF Shields.  These are highly portable as the smallest bond meter on the market. The 720A carries UL/ATEX/CSA ratings and can be used in potentially hazardous locations such as found in semiconductor fabs. The 730A is a wireless documenting bond meter that records readings into any Quality Management Software System.
  • TEGAM’s Temperature and Calibration product lines encompass the spectrum of thermometry applications, from general temperature measurement to specialized applications such as jet engine test stands. These highly accurate instruments are available with data loggingintrinsic safety, and temperature calibrators for numerous applications.
  • RF Power Sensors are a key test instrument in and around semiconductor fabs. Many rely on the PMX automated Power Sensor Calibration Systems to maintain their inventory from multiple manufacturers.  Fast turn-around and automation with ISO17025 calibrations are easily achieved on their sensor workload. TEGAM supports all the major manufacturers on one system.