TEGAM Instruments Keep the Pharmaceutical Industry Innovating

Test & Measurement instruments for the Pharmaceutical industry manufactured by TEGAM include datalogging thermometers, intrinsically safe thermocouple thermometers, and temperature calibrators.

Optical control quality, pharmaceutical factory.

TEGAM is gratified to contribute to an industry that helps to alleviate suffering and to increase the progress of humankind. Temperature monitoring is essential for manufacturing medicines. Just as important as it is to dispense the correct dosage to a patient, the correct storage temperature is essential to the shelf life and efficacy of many drugs. Pharmaceuticals require closely monitored and regulated temperature storage to guarantee that quality is not compromised.

U.S. Regulation FDA CFR 21 Part 205 defines the requirements for the storage and handling of prescription drugs. This regulation dictates that manufacturers and distributors verify their processes by an electronic record.

Take your operations to the next level with the wireless datalogging features of the 930 Series datalogging thermometers by TEGAM. These highly accurate handheld thermometers can connect to the cloud or integrate with your current data acquisition system and are designed for use in these common temperature ranges for monitoring and recording:

  • Ultra-Low Storage (-70°C to -40°C)
  • Frozen Storage (-40°C to 0°C)
  • Refrigerator Storage (-4°C to 2°C)
  • Chilled Storage (2°C to 8°C)
  • Cool Storage (8°C to 15°C)
  • Controlled Ambient Storage (15°C to 25°C)
  • Incubator Storage (25°C to 60°C)

TEGAM’s 920 Series intrinsically safe thermocouple thermometers are designed for use in potentially hazardous locations (Class I, Division 1, Group C and D) inherent in manufacturing processes.

Our 940 Series thermocouple temperature calibrators can be used to calibrate thermometers and temperature sensors in addition to measuring air or liquid samples, for applications throughout manufacturing, transport and storage processes.

Please contact TEGAM here with questions or queries on our thermometry devices and systems for pharmaceutical operations. Interested parties may also request a complementary demo of our thermometry devices that serve the pharmaceutical industry.