Intrinsically Safe Measuring – Powered by TEGAM!

Intrinsically Safe Measuring – Powered by TEGAM!

GENEVA, OH, July 19, 2019

Inrinsically Safe Digital ThermometerIntrinsically Safe Dual Channel Digital Thermometer

Working in an area with flammable fumes can lead to some difficult temperature measurements. Have you ever tried to measure a surface temperature or a pipe temperature with a pointed tip stick thermometer, or taken an accurate reading from a glass thermometer that is partially immersed in a hazardous liquid?

Until very recently, Intrinsically Safe temperature measurement was limited to either a glass thermometer, an IR Thermometer, or a digital thermometer with a stick probe attached. Intrinsically safe temperature measurement was just made easier with the Tegam 921B and 922B intrinsically safe digital thermocouple thermometers (single and dual input).

The 921B intrinsically safe digital thermometer provides the user all the convenience of a modern digital thermometer with interchangeable intrinsically safe thermocouple probes to fit most industrial applications. The selection covers surface probes, air probes, immersion probes, reduced tips for faster response and penetration probes. These thermocouple probes are rugged enough for the production floor, food service, oil and gas applications, and marine or aviation uses. When used with the 921B and 922B, they provide a fully intrinsically safe measurement system.

The 921B will work with 8 thermocouple types, J ,K, T, E, N, R, S, B, offers high accuracy, 0.04% Rdg ±0.3ᵒC over a 10ᵒC range – making it a truly portable instrument. For applications in extreme environments, the overall operating range is  -20 to 50ᵒC. It also meets mil-spec durability standards for shock, drop and vibration. A standard tilt stand with magnetic mounts adds to its versatility.

Important features include a dual display with statistical functions, Min, Max, Range, Std Deviation,  and trending direction. The 922B intrinsically safe thermocouple thermometer also has T1, T2 and T1-T2. Resolution is a 4-digit display with 0.1ᵒ up to 1000 then 1ᵒ.

Both these digital thermometers come with a NIST traceable calibration good for 2 years and a 3-year warranty.

All this power comes from the latest in technology with extremely low power circuitry. The unit uses so little power that the battery life is 2000 hours on 3 AA batteries! That means 8-hours a day for a full business year. The long battery life assures users that the unit will work when you need it to work AND dramatically limits the amount of batteries that enter a landfill – a good move for sustainability efforts.

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Thanks for visiting, and reading. – Dan Jackson, TEGAM

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