Measure, Monitor, Document with Data Logger Thermometers

Measure, Monitor, Document with Data Logger Thermometers

GENEVA, OH, January 30, 2017

Controlling Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination Through Effective Time/Temperature Process Controls such as Data Logger Thermometers

On January 13, 2017, the FDA released updated draft guidance for the food industry detailing its recommendations for controlling Listeria monocytogenes (“Listeria”) contamination in ready-to-eat (“RTE”) food products. The draft guidance provides food processing facilities a framework for minimizing Listeria contamination in their products throughout the production process, including transportation, storage, and all stages of production line handling.

TEGAM understands the challenges faced by the food industry. For over 20 years we
have served the food industry with our line of digital thermometers, temperature probes, and temperature calibrators. And now with the release of TEGAM’s newest thermometry products – data logging thermometers for information collection and storage –  time/temperature documentation, record maintenance, and data review have never been easier.

The TEGAM 931A and 932A Data Logger Thermometers bring together the latest
advancements in temperature measurement, with cutting-edge, wireless Bluetooth communication and cloud-storage solutions to create a comprehensive but cost-effective time/temperature solution. The 930 Series Data Logger Thermometers can also be used as stand-alone temperature collection devices.

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