Microwave Power Measurement Fundamentals and Practice Workshop

Microwave Power Measurement Fundamentals and Practice Workshop

GENEVA, OH, December 4, 2012


You are invited to share a day of learning with TEGAM’s expert engineer Charlie Sperraza. This one day invitation only event will focus on expanding your knowledge base regarding:

  • RF power transfer between two coupled ports.
  • Using reflection coefficients to calculate power transfer and port match.
  • The importance of vector measurements in power transfer.
  • Typical arrangements of RF Power Sensor Calibration stations.
  • Process of calibrating a power sensor.
  • Contributing factors to uncertainty of a calibration factor.

You can expect to see:

  • Demonstration of measuring the S parameters of a splitter.
  • Demonstration of calibrating a 50 MHz reference port on a power meter.
  • Practical example, with Excel Spreadsheet and real data, of calculating expanded uncertainty of a calibration factor.
  • Manual power sensor linearity verification with excel calculations and actual linearity data.

This Workshop will be informative and interactive for all interested in Calibration, Uncertainty, RF Power, and Vector Measurements. The price of the workshop is $95, this includes breakfast and lunch. A detailed agenda of this event can be viewed here. This one day workshop is scheduled for: January 22nd at The National Electronics Museum Linthicum Hts., MD or January 23rd at The Bolger Conference Center Potomac, MD Space is limited each day to 50 registrants, so please register early to ensure your spot. Inquiries and reservations can be directed to Amanda Gerlica at agerlica@tegam.com or phoned in to 440-466-9604. Thank you for taking the time to consider attending and we hope to see you among those in attendance.

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