Milli-Ohmmeter Measurements with TEGAM’s New 710A Bond Meter!

Milli-Ohmmeter Measurements with TEGAM’s New 710A Bond Meter!

GENEVA, OH, February 5, 2020

Make  Accurate Milli-Ohmmeter Measurements with TEGAM's New 710A Bond Meter!

The 710A Bond Meter is first and foremost an excellent milli-ohmmeter.

To produce measurements that you can trust, we had to rethink the approach to low-resistance measurements. The 710A has 5 decade ranges from 10 mΩ to 100 Ω, with 4-digit resolution. The basic accuracy is 0.2% of reading + 0.02% of range. How does that compare to the old, trusted Keithley 580 which was the reference standard? At the common bond resistance specification of 2.5 mΩ, the Keithley 580 would achieve an accuracy of 0.84%, where the TEGAM 710A is at 0.28%! What’s more, the 710A achieves this unequaled result across the entire operating temperature range of -10 to 55 ⁰C – not just under ideal lab conditions.

However, we didn’t stop at just making better measurements. We wanted an instrument that would be easier to use physically and clearer to read. We put it in a small portable case (363 g) and gave it 100 hours of operation life on 3 AA batteries. The current draw on the batteries does vary with the measurement range so you can get more or less usage depending. You are now free to carry it anywhere and use it conveniently on the bench.

A big clear display, auto-ranging and 3 readings/sec produce the right number faster, with certainty. The units are clearly displayed so there is no confusion between Ohms and milli-Ohms. We developed a special auto-hold mode at the request of several technicians. The 710A is armed by pressing the hold button and waits until it senses continuity. Once continuity is established, it measures until it sees three consecutive readings that agree within the specifications. It then displays the final number and returns to Hold Mode to preserve the reading. This is a great help in producing consistent results and has been documented with the lowest variation in gauge R&R studies by any bond meter.

You can learn more about TEGAM’s highly innovative, revolutionary 710A milli-ohmmeter and bond meter here. Download the 710A datasheet for take-away information. Schedule a free demo or contact TEGAM with further questions, please.

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