What is the right temperature probe for your application?


  1. What is being measured? Liquid? Solid? Gas? Surface?
  2. What temperature are you measuring?
  3. How fast do you need to measure?

Select the tip style:

Response Rate Chart

10 Fastest <5s
5 Average 10-15s
1 Slow >15s

Wire (02)

Wire Probe Tip

General Purpose: Low cost. Can be immersed or used on surfaces. Fragile due to exposed sensor.

Response Rate: 7

Immersion / General Purpose
(Non-Tapered) (03)

Immersion / General Purpose (Non-Tapered) Probe Tip

General Purpose: Durable and cleanable. Liquids or solids. Slow surface response.

Response Rate: 5

Immersion / General Purpose
(Tapered) (13)

Immersion / General Purpose (Tapered) Probe Tip

General Purpose: Durable and cleanable. Liquids or solids. Slow surface response.

Response Rate: 6

Penetration (04)

Penetration Probe Tip

Piercing Tough Solids: Durable and cleanable. Liquids or solids, frozen foods. Poor surface response.

Response Rate: 6

Surface (05)

Surface Probe Tip

Solid Surfaces Only: Hot or cold. Best surface response. More difficult to clean.

Response Rate: 3

Air / Gas (06)

Air / Gas Probe Tip

Gasses Only: Hot or cold. More difficult to clean.

Response Rate: 3

Hypodermic (07)

Hypodermic Probe Tip

Fast Response: More delicate and cleanable. Liquids or solids. Poor surface response.

Response Rate: 10

Select the sensor type based on your temperature range.

We also offer RTD and thermistor probes as well. If you require more in depth information on the performance of various types of temperature sensors, we recommend our Guide to Temperature Measurement.

For good overall performance and accuracy, TEGAM recommends the Type T thermocouple. It can provide accurate readings from -100 C to 400 C (-140 F to 750 F).

If you need higher temperatures, then Type K is a good choice that will extend the measurement range up to 1372 C or 2500 F.

Probe Length

Your application may need to stand up in a vessel or reach into a hot oven. The length of probe is important. TEGAM offers many types from 1” to 48”. We probably have a standard model that meets your needs, see below.

Handle Style

Our standard handle style is the Tri-shape ergonomic. We also offer the heavier duty T-handle for those applications where higher force is required to pierce a sample. We have cut through a lot of baloney with that one.

Tri Shape Handle (6)

T Handle (1)

Tri Shape Handle T Handle


TEGAM 9T607MTC04 Hypodermic Probe

Type T Temperature Probe

The sheath of this temperature probe is 4″ long and is constructed with #304 stainless steel. The hypodermic tip is a 16 gauge (0.062″) diameter. The coil-type cord is constructed with a thermoplastic rubber jacket and is 1-1/2 ft. in length and reaches up to 5 ft. when fully extended.


Click here to view the complete list of standard probes table

including Part no., Tip, handle, and shaft length.

We have customer service representatives and applications engineers available to assist your selection. You may chat, email, or call Local: 440-466-6100- Toll-Free: 800-666-1010

Probe Questionnaire

We also customize our probes. If you don’t see exactly what you need, just ask us or fill out this form.
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Food Safety

  • Process Monitoring
  • Product Development
  • Process Development
  • Wireless Data Logging
  • Kill Step
  • FSMA
  • Milk Transport and Processing


  • Engine Temperature
  • Heat Duct Temperature
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Composite Repair
  • Heat Treating

Pharmaceutical / Medical

  • Process Monitoring
  • Cold Storage
  • Blood Banks
  • Wireless Datalogging
  • Medical Equipment


  • Tool Diagnostics
  • Tool Calibration
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