PS-Cal Release Notes

PS-Cal Release Notes

GENEVA, OH, October 15, 2019

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PS-Cal v4.6, December 2020 Release

Features and Enhancements

Chart Device Under Test (DUT) cal factors in real-time during calibration

Compare cal factors in real-time against a user-selected historical calibration data file (historical data must be another PS-Cal calibration results file)

Compare two historical calibration data files (both files must be PS-Cal calibration results files)

Add view modes for comparison charts:

  • Single calibration results data file
  • Cal factor comparison of two data files
  • Cal factor difference between two data files
  • Combination chart with cal factor comparison plotted against the left y-axis, and cal factor difference plotted against the right y-axis

Implement limited calibration process log file capability

Add calibration frequencies to the TEGAM 1505A RF and 2505A RF Power Standards calibration templates

Bug Fixes, Corrections, and Incidental Changes

  • Correct numerous typographical errors
  • Remove 10 MHz and 30 MHz frequencies from the Keysight E9327A template
  • Correct rho limits for Anritsu MA2473A, MA2472A, MA2473D, MA2474D templates
  • Implement sequential program build numbers
  • Fix minor bugs in various workflows
  • Improve error handling in various workflows that resulted in fatal program errors or other unexpected behavior
  • Corrected upper and lower limits for all Ladybug series sensors
  • Remove Ceyear AV1464 driver
  • Update PS-Cal to Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • Upgrade Grape City ActiveReports library from version 8.x to 13.x

PS-Cal v4.5, October 2019 Release

Features and Enhancements

  • Added LadyBug power sensor support and required files
  • Added EEPROM Table 0 read/write for Anritsu power sensors
  • Added support for Keysight N5222B Opt 205 (Low Frequency Extension)
  • Added measurement uncertainty lookup tables and verification against Statement of Accreditation
  • Added support for the Fluke 96000 high frequency signal generator
  • Added / Updated mismatch uncertainty calculations for 1805 & 1806 calibrator
  • Added U2002A-Option H26 power sensor calibration template
  • Added Gigatronics 80350A power sensor
  • Added Agilent U2002A Option H26 power sensor
  • Added verification only support for R&S NRVS power meters and sensors
  • Added Marconi 6960 power meter driver and support for Marconi power sensors
  • Added bridge support for the HP thermistors
  • Updated 478 and 8478 thermistor features
  • Added PCS-K150-II switched amplifier support
  • Updated the PNA-X network analyzers to support external amplifiers
  • Added calibration support for E4P41xA power sensors templated at <+ 16 dBm
  • Updated leveling loop to support power sensor calibrations at +18 dBm
  • Added support for the Keysight E5080A PNA
  • Added command to default Agilent power meter settings
  • Added E441x high power verification templates
  • Added power standard Cal-Factor calibration with thermistor or bridge
  • Added Agilent_PNA_E836xA to equivalent port match
  • Changed amplifier safety levels
  • Updated linearity measurements with the PCS-K150
  • Added frequency limits button to high power calibration with directional coupler
  • Added error handling for uncertainty lookup and fixed naming errors
  • Added equivalent port match and power standard reports
  • Added measurement method for high power calibrations using high power VNA
  • Update voltmeter drivers for to improve calibration times
  • Updated power standard calibration & 3458A ratio voltage measurements
  • Added high power measurement capabilities to the VNA cal factor measurement

Bug Fixes, Corrections, and Incidental Changes

  • Resolved 100 kHz minimum frequency error
  • Resolved maximum level error for Keysight H-series sensors
  • Changed install requirements to .NET 4.0
  • Added 50 MHz to 80701A template
  • Updated 1830A driver to support thermistors in the correct mode
  • Resolved 1830A error when calibrating Tegam bolometers
  • Resolved issue with start over crashing
  • Resolved issue using 1830A as the UUT in bridge mode
  • Resolved issue with 1830 averaging unlimited zero values
  • Resolved issue with Bridge-Averaging tool not removing zero measurement
  • Resolved localization issue setting the application to US English
  • Resolved issue of setting the power level on the 8757 network analyzer
  • Resolved I/O errors with 8757D
  • Resolved connection message issue with Fluke 5790A
  • Resolved EEPROM upload issue for Giga-tronics power sensors
  • Modified station verification method from +/- 0.05 dB to < RSS of instruments
  • Resolved issue with E9302A_H18 having two frequency lists
  • Updated test process selection to scale
  • Resolved error calculating mismatch uncertainties scaled to %
  • Corrected typo in the Anritsu upload tool
  • Added CRLF to the end of all calls to the CETC AV1464x signal generator
  • Updated station calibration for Type-F and Type-G Cal-Factor
  • Minor updates to the UI and application version

 PS-Cal v4.4, August 2018 Release

  • Add EEPROM programming support for the N1913A and N1914A power meters
  • Add templates for TEGAM RF standards 1505A, 2505A, 1510A, 2510A, and 1807A
  • Add support for Keysight U8481A, U8485A, and U8487A power sensors
  • Add uncertainty data for E5071C at frequencies above 8.5 GHz
  • Add user-definable reference frequency parameter to Giga-tronics 80701
  • Update HP 8340A driver to set RF to OFF after preset command
  • Update the Boonton power sensor calibration upload routine
  • Update Boonton 4232 power meter driver
  • Split Boonton power sensors into peak and CW groups
  • Set calibration frequency to 1 GHz for select Boonton models
  • Resolve type issue with Agilent PNA N5230C driver
  • Correct attenuator math error
  • Correct error in E9304A H18/H19/H20/H24/H25 sensor templates
  • Update Keysight 34401A drivers
  • Update Test Report user interface
  • Improve EEPROM upload routines
  • Add user prompt to restart PS-Cal after removing instrument(s) from Station
  • Change E930xA cal level from -10 to -11 dBm
  • Add EEPROM upload to the Anritsu MA248x power sensors
  • Add extended frequency points to TEGAM bolometer templates
  • Rename power splitter files
  • Correct 1830A Measurement Error when Calibrating Power Sensors at -30 dBm
  • Update Giga-tronics upload tool

PS-Cal v4.3, February 2018 Release

  • Changed bridge measurement methodology to reduce measurement time per frequency
  • Added amplifier support
  • Added samples / measurement parameter
  • Added dwell time parameter and set default to 13 s
  • Updated install package
  • Updated Bridge Method verification process to set frequency on DUT power meter
  • Fixed 13s delay setting in verification tests
  • Changed order of inheritance for Direct Comparison
  • Updated TEGAM 2510 lower frequency limit
  • Updated and tested TEGAM 1806 bridge measurement methods
  • Split E9304A into two templates to allow use of TEGAM 2505A
  • Resolved calculation issues with 1806A bridge
  • Added temperature in degrees Celsius to linearity test
  • Added zero and power averaging tool
  • Updated main form error handling
  • Resolved issue with template for 2002A
  • Updated I/O for Keysight meters writing data to EEPROMS
  • Added Rohde &Schwarz .NET header to files to interact with DLL files
  • Added notification stating that Boonton 4500B can only read EEPROM
  • Resolved Z51 upload issue
  • Updated leveling loops to 0.05db
  • Changed volt meter drivers to 6.5 Digits
  • Added new driver for CETC_AV1464x series signal generator
  • Resolved timeout settling errors with Rohde &Schwarz EEPROM upload and HP 3458A
  • Resolved problem with 9640A setting signal source to +6 dbm
  • Resolved 1830A Com Port setting errors when VISA resource is not available
  • Resolved issue with Boonton 4500A programming EEPROM
  • Modified DMM drivers for a 10V range and 2.5V measurement default for TEGAM hardware
  • Updated power sensor template e932xa
  • Increased scroll bars on selection UI for Select Test Method screen
  • Updated drivers so all have static creation classes
  • Updated Boonton 4500B driver to support watts
  • Added better error messages for exporting n553xx data


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