PS-Cal Release Notes

PS-Cal Release Notes

GENEVA, OH, March 8, 2018

PS-Cal v4.3, February 2018 Release

  • Changed bridge measurement methodology to reduce measurement time per frequency
  • Added amplifier support
  • Added samples / measurement parameter
  • Added dwell time parameter and set default to 13 s
  • Updated install package
  • Updated Bridge Method verification process to set frequency on DUT power meter
  • Fixed 13s delay setting in verification tests
  • Changed order of inheritance for Direct Comparison
  • Updated TEGAM 2510 lower frequency limit
  • Updated and tested TEGAM 1806 bridge measurement methods
  • Split E9304A into two templates to allow use of TEGAM 2505A
  • Resolved calculation issues with 1806A bridge
  • Added temperature in degrees Celsius to linearity test
  • Added zero and power averaging tool
  • Updated main form error handling
  • Resolved issue with template for 2002A
  • Updated I/O for Keysight meters writing data to EEPROMS
  • Added Rohde &Schwarz .NET header to files to interact with DLL files
  • Added notification stating that Boonton 4500B can only read EEPROM
  • Resolved Z51 upload issue
  • Updated leveling loops to 0.05db
  • Changed volt meter drivers to 6.5 Digits
  • Added new driver for CETC_AV1464x series signal generator
  • Resolved timeout settling errors with Rohde &Schwarz EEPROM upload and HP 3458A
  • Resolved problem with 9640A setting signal source to +6 dbm
  • Resolved 1830A Com Port setting errors when VISA resource is not available
  • Resolved issue with Boonton 4500A programming EEPROM
  • Modified DMM drivers for a 10V range and 2.5V measurement default for TEGAM hardware
  • Updated power sensor template e932xa
  • Increased scroll bars on selection UI for Select Test Method screen
  • Updated drivers so all have static creation classes
  • Updated Boonton 4500B driver to support watts
  • Added better error messages for exporting n553xx data


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