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Kit Includes:

  • 720A Intrinsically Safe Bond Meter
  • Spear Tips; set of four (2)
  • BKP-M2S Intrinsically Safe Big Kelvin Probe (2)
  • Magnetic Hanger and Tilt Stand
  • SureGrip Cover
  • Plastic Carry Case with Foam Insert
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Product Description

720A Intrinsically Safe Bond Meter, Test Probes & Accessories in One Convenient Package

TRUST is an essential feature in any measurement tool and TEGAM’s new 700 Series bond meters and milli-ohmmeters are instruments you can rely on every day with confidence. These new models are designed with the clearest and most informative displays for mistake-free measurements. They quickly produce accurate readings to reduce the time spent measuring.

TEGAM Bond Meters for Your Industry  

  • Aerospace: Verify mechanical and electrical bonds for safety, conductivity, mechanical integrity, RF shielding and lightning protection. TEGAM is the largest provider of bond meters/milli-ohmmeters to the US Armed Forces.
  • Alternative Energy: Solar arrays and wind turbines are prone to lightning strikes. The integrity of their grounds must be maintained and restored after an event. A small increase in the resistance translates into a dangerous voltage when thousands of amps are flowing.
  • Automotive: Battery Electric Vehicles contain many high current interconnections and over current protection. Verifying the low resistance is essential to preventing fires and poor performance. Conventional ICE engines also rely on many electric systems that are verified with TEGAM instruments.
  • Electronics: Validate circuit board elements and traces with low resistance measurements that can detect thin or undersized conductors. Check connections and current limiting resistors in situ.
  • Electrical Systems: The 720A milli-ohmmeter is sensitive enough to detect loose bus bars, damaged shunts, failing fuses and poor cable terminations.

4-WIRE PROBES are often more important than the instrument. No one has a wider range of configurations to meet and adapt to your needs. From tight spacing to piercing paint, we have a tip configuration to make your job easier. The dual connector system permits a Kelvin Clip on one lead for secure ground connection while the ergonomic tri-shape probe on the second lead can be used for accessing multiple points with one hand. Designed for one-handed operation, these tools are comfortable to carry and use for extended periods of time. Please see all our 4-wire probes here.

Like all TEGAM products, the 700 Series bond meters and milli-ohmmeters are designed, assembled and tested in the United States.  TEGAM backs this durable instrument with a 3-year warranty to assure you that your investment is sound.

Common Features:

Technical Specifications

  • Bond Meter Accuracy: ±(0.2% Reading + 0.02 Range), 18 to 28°C
  • Temperature Range : -10 to 55 °C / 14 to 131°F
  • Reading Rate: 3 Readings per second
  • Connector Type : M12
  • Battery: 3AA
  • 100 Hour Battery Life
  • 4-digit Auto-Ranging with Backlight and Function Annunciators
  • Three-Year Parts & Workmanship Warranty
  • Included Accessories: 3AA Batteries, Quick Start Guide, Certificate of Traceability
  • Optional Accessories: Foam-Filled Hard Carry Case, SureGrip Cover, Tilt Stand / Magnetic / Hanger
  • CE, Complies with 47 CFR Part 15 of the FCC rules, Class B
  • TEGAM’s 720A Milli-Ohmmeter is Assembled in the USA
  • Handheld Bond Meter for Hazardous Locations Only as to Intrinsic Safety
    • Ex ia IIA T4 Ga Class I, Division 1, Group D, T4 Class I, Zone 0 AEx ia IIA T4 Ga Zone 0 Ex ia IIA T4 Ga
    • UL 21 ATEX 2549 IECEx UL 21.0038 -10 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +55 °C

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 in
If you desire to have your shipment outside of North America, please contact customer service at 1-800-666-1010 or tegamsales@aei.com

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