(R1L-BIR1) Microohmmeter and Bond Meter Kit, Portable, 10 µΩ to 20Ω with 4-Wire Push-Pin & Alligator-Clip Probes

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Portable Microohm and boning meter kit with 4 wire push pin and alligator clip probes



Product Description

Portable Microohmmeter and Bond Meter Kit

with probes

10 μΩ to 20 Ω

The TEGAM Model R1L-BIR1 microohmmeter and bonding meter is a purpose-built, rechargeable, battery-powered portable instrument for ground bond measurements. The R1L-BIR1 comes with BCP-10 push-pin probes and KAK-1M Kelvin alligator clips, and is completely housed within a rugged case.  It can accurately make measurements with a resolution of 1 microohm. This microohmmeter & bond meter kit has been selected and deployed in Afghanistan for use on the Kiowa Warrior Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter by the US Military.

Can measure resistance in the presence of reactive loads up to 2mH or 100μ.

Technical Specifications

  • Portable: Long Rechargeable Battery Life
  • Ranges: 2 mΩ to 20Ω
  • Accuracy: 0.25% of reading
  • Resolution: 1 µΩ
  • Microohmmeter & Bond Meter Features Simple Operation
  • Includes Four Wire Push Pin & Alligator Klip Probes
  • This Microohmmeter and Bond Meter Kit has a 3-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

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Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 10 in
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