(R1M-B) Megohmmeter, Hand Held, 1 MΩ to 200 MΩ, 3%, 500V, 3.5 Digit



Product Description

TEGAM Handheld Megohmmeter

1 MΩ TO 200 MΩ

500V, 3.5 Digit

The Model R1M-B Handheld Voltmeter/ Megohmmeter is designed to measure insulation resistance in “live” circuits, which may have voltage present. It can be connected to 600 V RMS AC or DC without damage, and its mode of operation is automatic. It has no fuse to replace. The R1M-B megohmmeter will operate after a drop from a height of four feet to a concrete floor.

All TEGAM units are tested in an environmental chamber at 71° C and 95.5% RH.

The R1M-B complies with MIL-PRF-28800, Type III, Class 3, Style E for rugged operational environments and shipboard applications. These voltmeters/megohmmeters perform under the extremes of heat, cold, humidity, shock, and vibration.

Technical Specifications

  • Megohmmeter measures 1 to 200 MΩ
  • 500 V Test Voltage
  • Simple One-Range Operation
  • Voltmeter/Megohmmeter Measures AC RMS Voltage to 600 V
  • LED on When Voltage is Present
  • Rugged to Mil Specifications
  • Single Push Button For Test
  • 9 V Battery Operation
  • NSN: 6625-01-353-7077
  • 1 year warranty on this TEGAM Megohmmeter
  • TEGAM Megohmmeters Are Made in USA

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
If you desire to have your shipment outside of North America, please contact customer service at 1-800-666-1010 or tegamsales@aei.com