1372 AC Ratio Transformer Calibrator

Product Description

Model 1372 is a system designed to calibrate AC ratio transformer standards (also known as inductive voltage dividers). The system contains the software and hardware needed to precisely calibrate and capture data during the calibration process. The 1372A includes a DT72B AC Ratio Transformer Standard as the reference standard where the 1372B is provided without the AC Ratio Transformer Standard, so the user can install their own reference standard. These COTS systems modernize the equipment and process used to calibrate AC Ratio Transformers.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications (based on DT72B reference standard):

Resolution 0.1 ppm

Terminal linearity 0.9 ppm

Bandwidth 50 Hz to 20 kHz

Ratio testing is performed at defined points between 0.0000000 and +1.0000000

1 Year warranty

Assembled in USA

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