(ST-200) AC Ratio Standard

SKU: ST-200

Product Description


TEGAM’s ST transformers are designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of bridge circuitry, isolation and calibration applications.  The ST units can be used to provide a balanced output from an unbalanced source.  These transformers may be combined with TEGAM ratio transformers in bridging circuits, to isolate the null indicator.  The ST-200 features very accurate 1:1 ratio for isolation or phase inverting applications.  Units are also used with TEGAM Ratio Transformers to provide 180 degree phase shift to the input or output of the instrument in certain bridge applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Special Purpose Transformer
  • 1:1 Turns Ratio
  • Binding Post Termination
  • Frequency Range 50-10,000 Hz
  • Insulation 500-V Test
  • Open Circuit Ratio Accuracy at 400 Hz .005%
  • Input Impedence (with secondary open circuit) at 400 Hz, Greater than 250,000 ohms