(1312) Attenuation Measurement System

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Product Description

Attenuation Measurement System

The Model 1312 Attenuation Measurement System is designed to characterize programmable step attenuators such as the Keysight 8494 series for use as calibration artifacts.  It can also characterize fixed attenuators to levels of uncertainty unmatched by any commercial measurement system or method.
The Model 1312 employs an exclusive binary inductive voltage divider and lock-in amplifier to compare the reference and attenuated signals to compute the attenuation value.  The automation software continuously monitors the standard deviation of sequential measurements to determine when a valid measurement within the desired uncertainty is achieved.
This system is suitable for national metrology institutes, primary standards laboratories or anyone seeking to calibrate artifacts for use by secondary laboratories.
These systems are quoted and produced to order.  Please contact TEGAM for more information.

Technical Specifications

  • Lowest Uncertainty Possible in a Commercial System
  • Automated Operation
  • Dynamic range greater than 100 dB
  • Accuracy: 0.001 dB +/- 0.001/10 dB
  • Attenuation Range: 0 to 100 dB
  • Test Frequencies: 30 MHz, 50 MHz and 1 GHz
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