1314 RF High Power Calorimeter with Chiller, 250 W

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Product Description

The TEGAM model 1314 is a precision calorimeter that is capable of providing highly accurate RF power measurements up to 250 W in the 50 Hz to 3500 MHz frequency range.

The TEGAM 1314 combines a calorimeter and a chiller which can precisely measure input power in the form of RF energy known as a calorie. A calorie is defined as the amount of energy in the form of heat to raise the temperature of a certain mass of liquid by a given amount. By accurately measuring temperature and mass we can determine the amount of heat and therefore, the amount of energy applied to the liquid. The TEGAM 1314 accurately measures both the temperature rise and the mass of the liquid.

The TEGAM 1314 can be configured to self-calibrate with National Lab traceability through an AC Power standard, it can also be configured to calibrate working standards, through devices, and terminating devices. The TEGAM 1314 can be operated manually or it can be operated automatically; TEGAM offers a fully functional software suite that allows for self-calibration of the 1314 as well as calibration of working standards, through devices, and terminating devices.

TEGAM also offers a High Power RF Calibration System  which is the complete automated solution for calibrating through path and terminating RF power measurement devices from multiple manufacturers. It includes the signal generation, amplification and filtering necessary to achieve or exceed the devices original specifications with the most accurate High power measurement system available.

Technical Specifications


• Calibrate High Power RF Sensing devices up to 250 W
o Working standards like the TEGAM 2601A and 2602A
o Through devices like a Bird Wattmeter
o High Power RF Power Sensors from Keysight,  Rohde & Schwarz, and Anritsu
• 50 Hz to 3500 MHz Frequency Range
• National Lab Traceable through an AC Power Standard

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Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 36 × 60 in
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