(1805B) RF Power Level Control Unit

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Product Description

RF Power Level Control Unit

The Model 1805B RF Control Unit is Tegam’s legacy RF Control Unit. This solid state, microprocessor-controlled RF control unit is designed for precise control of dc substituted power. When used TEGAM Feedthrough Thermistor Mounts and a stable RF generator, a system is obtained which allows rapid and accurate calibration of power meter/sensors and other thermistor mounts from 100 KHz to 26.5 Hz.

Technical Specifications

  • Last order date 04/09/2010, Recommended replacement Model 1830A
  • IEEE-488 Bus or front panel selection of precise dc power levels. These levels are 0.5 mW and 1-10 mW in 1 mW steps.
  • IEEE-488 Bus or front panel RF ON/OFF switching.
  • Elimination of ac/dc error by using dc for both bias and substituted power.
  • Automatic control of dc level to within ±0.1% +1 mW.
  • Constant dc level over an ambient temperature range of from +10° to +40°C.
  • Capability to correct RF source level variations of ±3 dB.
  • Internal temperature controller for controlling internal temperature of thermistor mount.
  • NSN: 5895-01-303-7095

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