Start Collecting and Using Temperature Readings in Five Minutes with Wireless Data Logger Thermometers

Start Collecting and Using Temperature Readings in Five Minutes with Wireless Data Logger Thermometers

GENEVA, OH, March 13, 2017

TEGAM’s Wireless Data Logger Thermometers

FSMA and HACCP food safety guidelines emphasize the importance of data retention for food production workers.  To comply with these directives, the food industry is faced with implementing a system for collecting, storing, and easily retrieving the necessary data while keeping costs low and productivity high.  Maintaining paper documentation consumes company resources (space, labor, time, etc.), and is much more susceptible to human error.  Our team of engineers recognized these challenges, and designed a data collection system that simplifies compliance.

TEGAM’s solution to your temperature retention needs was designed with you in mind and starts with the TEGAM 900 series Data Logging Thermometers.  These high-accuracy, data logger thermocouple thermometers collect time-stamped temperature data and display the real-time temperature data on your mobile device.  All your critical temperature measurements can be conveniently stored in the free TEGAM Cloud™ database and are easily viewed in the browser interface on your computer or laptop.   Once recorded, you can quickly analyze your data, create graphs, and download your data for reporting and audits.

Our data logger thermometer is ergonomically designed for comfort in your hands as well, and is easy to use even when wearing gloves. But to make operation even more convenient, you can control your Data Thermometer from your mobile device using TEGAM’s mobile app.   The TEGAM Thermometer Link™ app is free on both iTunes and Google Play™.  Simply enable the Bluetooth® connection on both your phone and thermometer to create a wireless link between the two devices.  When Thermometer Link is active, you can step away from the thermometer while maintaining the ability to actively monitor its readings.  The app’s interface displays a strip chart of your temperature readings as well, and replicates the thermometer keypad so you can control your device remotely.

Check out the TEGAM Cloud demo account at, and search for TEGAM at Google Play or iTunes to download the app.

For more information on TEGAM’s new line of digital thermometers, visit our Thermocouple Thermometer Family page.

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