Streamlined Collection of Temperature Readings

Streamlined Collection of Temperature Readings

GENEVA, OH, June 29, 2018

A Solution for an International Food Processing Company

What Can TEGAM Do for You? TEGAM, Inc. is proud to work with the world’s leading food processors. The TEGAM commitment to Measurements that Matter is our brand, and in few industries does temperature measurement matter more than in food safety. We take pride in our reputation and our relationships, particularly in food safety.

With the new FSMA regulations, traceable temperature data is now more important than ever. An international food processing company approached the engineers at TEGAM looking for a solution to their temperature collection needs. As a respected manufacturer of test and measurement solutions for the industry for more than 30 years, TEGAM was eager to engage.

The processor found the TEGAM 93X series of datalogging thermometers to be the best fit for their needs; the transmission of temperature data via wireless Bluetooth™ solved many of the connection issues encountered on the plant floor.

When the thermometers were tested in pilot, the facility managers desired a recording response time faster than what the standard food probe was providing. TEGAM evaluated the applications and quickly devised a faster response probe.

When it came to logging recordings, members of the IT team found that, while the data was accurate & easily accessed, they preferred a different resolution. TEGAM quickly altered the behavior of the instrument to be compatible with the corporate data collection specifications and the expectation of USDA inspectors. The overall integration was aided by the 93X Series Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) which provides source code examples to enable software developers to get their code quickly operating.

In the end, Food Processing Temperature Data Collection and Management is more simple, more reliable and more traceable because of the TEGAM commitment to customer’s success.

View TEGAM’s collection of datalogging thermometers here, including our 931B datalogger that is ideal for food manufacturing and processing scenarios. Reach out to TEGAM with any questions you may have, please.

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