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TEGAM Announces Fast-Response Temperature Probe – When Time Is of the Essence!

***NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT*** Geneva, Ohio --TEGAM, Inc., experts and innovators in temperature measurement, asked the question, “What does ‘Fast Response’ mean for a thermometer temperature probe?” We then answered that question with the arrival of our new, fast-response temperature probe for various industrial applications. As Dan Jackson - Thermometry products manager at TEGAM - explains…
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FSMA: Automated Temperature Control Systems Facilitate Compliance

    It’s imperative for food manufacturers to be compliant with FSMA regulations. The FSMA’s strong focus on preventative measures requires accurate data tracking, management and control. Cloud-based technologies featuring TEGAM's data logger thermometers are now available to help manufacturers meet requirements while working to limit and prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. Here are some tips…
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