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The FSMA’s Focus on Prevention to Thwart Foodborne Illnesses

A recent Fortune article places the annual costs of medical treatment, lost productivity and foodborne-illness-related mortality for affected consumers at $55.5 billion. The industry takes a hit as well to the tune of $7 billion in annual costs from food withdrawals, rejections and recalls. The Food Safety Modernization Act's Push on Food Manufacturing The FSMA,…
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Letting Go of the Old Paper-Based Food Temperature Record-Keeping Method, with Data Logger Thermometers

For the past 50 years, quality control technicians have recorded temperature measurements at food processing plants with paper and a pencil on a clipboard. The technician would later either enter data manually into a local database or file the paper in an antiquated filing cabinet. Filing systems contained numerous reports from suppliers, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.…
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FSMA: Automated Temperature Control Systems Facilitate Compliance

    It’s imperative for food manufacturers to be compliant with FSMA regulations. The FSMA’s strong focus on preventative measures requires accurate data tracking, management and control. Cloud-based technologies featuring TEGAM's data logger thermometers are now available to help manufacturers meet requirements while working to limit and prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. Here are some tips…
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