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Resistance Testing Welds

During a production process that includes welding operations, the finished welds must remain consistent. Weld quality proves critical in end-product implementations such as in the automotive, aerospace, or medical device industries. Operational performance of the finished product is critical in these and similar applications. Fortunately, the quality of parts produced during production can reliably be…
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The Story of 4-Wire Measurement

It is common knowledge in industry that 4-wire measurement is the preferred method for resistances under 1 Ω but what makes it so advantageous over 2- and 3- wire measurement? Let’s look at how the technique was invented and why it works. Building Bridges William Tomson, later Lord Kelvin of temperature scale fame, was studying…
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How Accurate is Your Bond Meter? A Glimpse into the World of High-Accuracy Resistance Measurement

Bond meters are an important tool in any aircraft, automobile, or communications technician’s toolbox. Accurate bond measurements are critical to ensure the safe operation of these systems, and technicians look to instruments they can trust. Bond Meters are resistance-measuring instruments that are designed specifically for grounding and bonding applications. In these applications, very small resistance…
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