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TEGAM Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators & AMS2750E Compliance for Heat Treatment

AMS2750E Compliance for Heat Treatment and TEGAM Thermocouple Calibrators System Accuracy Tests (SATs) and Instrument Calibration as required by the AMS2750E Standard for thermal processing equipment used in heat treatment can be greatly simplified with the TEGAM 945A Thermocouple Temperature Calibrator. Several features inherent in this thermocouple calibrator were designed into the 945A to specifically…
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Thermocouple Thermometers and the Seebeck Effect

Editor's note: This blog post comes from our latest white paper, TEGAM's A Guide to Temperature Measurement. You can download it for FREE here and take advantage of a vast amount of information on digital thermometers, probes and thermometry for research and industrial applications. The Seebeck Effect and Thermocouple Thermometers A thermocouple’s low cost, ruggedness and…
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Do You Need An Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometer?

Is there a hazardous location in your manufacturing or production facility? Many industrial locations actually do have hazardous locations within them. Intrinsic Safety is a means of preventing an explosion by designing instruments so that in any normal use or a fault condition, the instrumentation cannot produce enough energy to cause ignition or combustion of…
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